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About Us

Gentert Pack opened in November of 1988. Mark had only the very bare basics for equipment that it took to run the business. Including just a small cutting table, saw and grinder and wrapping all the hamburger by hand. What little sausage Mark made was cooked in a brick oven. The only smoked products that Mark made were hams and bacons using a recipe that hasn't changed and is still used to this day.

Belinda started full-time in 1993. At that time Mark and Belinda had been experimenting with making different types of sausages, however, none were award worthy. All of this changed when they met Cappy and Sue Pinkerton, who taught Mark and Belinda how to make sausage and helped them become successful.

Alot of things have changed since 1988 including new equipment and a new addition to the facility. You can find Mark doing all the slaughter, cutting cattle and skinning all the deer. Belinda wraps meat, takes care of paper work and makes all the sausage products. During deer season they acquire some extra help, especially Luis Torres, who has been boning out all the deer for the last 6 years. Also Dale Ehrman, long time family friend who helps with everything during the "deer" process.

Mark and Belinda have two daughters, Heather and Brianna. Heather is now a full-time employee after attending Central Community College in Hastings gaining a degree in Information Technology and certificate in Graphic Design. She does Gentert Pack's website, product labels and other odds & end jobs. Brianna is at the plant on Saturdays and during deer season while working with Heather out front.





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