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What's the best part of any meal? The meat of course! Gentert Pack offers cooked meats perfect for any occasion. All you have to do is put in your order and come pick it up! The preparing is done for you...just add the finishing touches! We also provide salads, cakes, buns, chips, etc...ask us what your looking for and we'll try to get it for you!

Premium Cooked Meats

Smoked Pulled Pork $5.99 lb

Smoked Pork Ribs $5.59 lb
Featured at Holstien's 125th Celebration!!! Fully Seasoned and Cooked! Perfect, delicious, and easy for any occasion!

Cooked Beef $5.99 lb
Smoked Brisket $9.99 lb
Cooked Pork $4.99 lb
1/2lb of uncooked meat per sandwich/person. Example- 100 lbs of meat for 200 people.

Side Salads

Gourmet Potato Salad w/egg $2.99 lb
Classic Macaroni Salad $2.99 lb
Coleslaw $2.99 lb
Redskin Potato Salad $3.99 lb
Classic Mustard Potato Salad $2.89 lb
Italian Pasta Salad $4.49 lb
1/4lb of a side dish per person. Example- 10 lbs of side salad for 40 people

Dessert Salads

Chocolate Malt Crunch $6.29 lb
Caramel Praline $6.49 lb
1/4lb of a side dish per person. Example- 10 lbs of side salad for 40 people

Deli Trays

Large Tray for Sandwiches $40 approx. (feeds 20-25 people)
Large Tray for Snacks $40 approx. (feeds 20-25 people)

1/4lb of a Deli Meat per person. Example- 1lb of Deli Meats will feed 4 "generous" sized sandwiches.
You can choose any 2-3 Deli Meats and also 2-3 cheeses from OUR STORE Deli Meat & Cheese Section to be included on your specialty tray. The basic Deli Meats we use unless otherwise noted: Ham, Turkey Breast, and Roast Beef. The cheeses used: Sliced American Cheese, Co-Jack, and Baby Swiss.

Entree Salads

Classic Chicken Salad $6.49 lb
Egg Salad $5.99 lb
Tuna Salad $6.99 lb
Ham Salad $6.29 lb
1/4lb of a Entree Salad per person. Example- 10 lbs of salad for 40 people

Please try and place orders TWO WEEKS in advance to ensure you'll have it for your big event!!!

Call or Email Us for your customized FREE QUOTE today!!!

**All prices are subject to change without notice - Call for up-to-date pricing and products**




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